EDIBLE MAP – England


(Dorset, East Sussex, London, Somerset, Wiltshire)

The rich green pastures of England produce some top notch ingredients which delight and inspire countless chefs, cooks and consumers.

There are various options for food shopping, some more exciting than others. Besides the obvious supermarkets (Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, The  Co- operative,  Tesco, Morrison’s are the main contenders) England has often charming farm shops dotted all over the country. A good farm shop will sell local produce including meat, cheese, dairy and vegetables sometimes that are produced, grown or reared on site. You can use the link to this website to find out what is near you http://www.bigbarn.co.uk . Many towns will also have their weekly farmers market where you can buy local seasonal produce find your nearest one at http://www.localfoods.org.uk/home .

The food scene is at an impressive point.  Happy to embrace global traditions, start or keep up with new food trends and not too proud to adopt other food cultures there is a huge diversity on what is on offer. Although you may not be eating strictly traditional British food many restauranteurs are keen to use the excellent native produce.  Besides seeking out recommended restaurants and cafes do not forget there are some amazing pubs serving excellent food (gastropub) that can be found in the countryside and towns.  Look out for places prized for their afternoon teas, a treat not to be missed consisting of freshly baked scones, cake, sandwiches  and of course lashing of tea.



Dorset Apple Cake , a lightly spiced cake with apples.

Dorset Blue Vinney , a tangy crumbly blue cheese originating from the town of Sturmintser Newton

Dorset Knob  – a crunchy semi sweet semi savoury biscuit that is traditionally served with cheese and comes in a beautiful tin.

Fresh Fish, with a beautiful coast line and lots of ports amazing fish gets landed in south dorset that is worth keeping your eye out for including Halibut, Sole, Turbot, herring, Mackerel, Sea bream, Coley and Haddock.

no information at present

no information at present


In and Around Chichester



Tessiers Butchers

Small butchers but good quality and great service.




Something fishy

12  The Parade, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 8BN

0044 (0) 1243 671153

Good local fishmonger coupled with good banter.





Impressive greengrocers with wide variety of stock


no information at present

no information at present


Excellent Coffee

London is heaving with extremely educated and talented baristas who can prepare your caffeine fix just as it should be.

Central London

Fernandez and Wells

Centrally located small chain of stylish cafes who make great coffee. Food and wine also available.

Flat white / Milk bar

Centrally located coffee bars that impress even the Antipodeans


Run by the reliably impressive baristas from down this where I would go in Fitzrovia.

Nude Espresso

Find this coffee haven in Soho square OR brick lane for a wake up call you want.

Tapped and packed

Centrally located (Tottenham court road and Wardour st.) saviors in the form of coffee shops.

Bar Italia

This is where the party animals congregate in the early hours, open 24 hours their excellent Italian espressos are always there for you and perk you up before the walk of shame home.

North London

Ginger and White

Located north of the city (Hampstead and Belsize park) this is where the yummy mummies (and daddies) get their fix.

Melrose and Morgan

North London cafe lovingly designed and successfully serving excellent  coffee and food.

Mouse and de Lotz

Cute cafe with coffee and cakes in North London, Shacklewell

South London


Located south and centrally in the big smoke Monmouth know how to do it as the queues prove.

East London


46 b espresso hut

46b Brooksby’s Walk, E96DA

In the wilderness of Hackney this is a coffee oasis.

Prufrock coffee

Training and coffee skillfully done out in Faringdon.

Association coffee

Your fix in Aldgate

Market Coffee House

65 Brushfield St , London E1 6AA

Old Fashioned coffee house where you can still here the murmurs of revolution and drink excellent coffee. Restaurants





Bar Boulard

Down in the basement of the lush Mandarin Oriental hotel this is a slick buzzing brasserie that does top notch steaks.

Suitable for a slick lively evening eating brasserie classics

Drink the big reds

Effect on wallet Damaging

Barra Fina

Based on the ideals of the holy grail of tapas bars Cal Pep in Barcelona , this London eatery serves excellent morsels of food along its slinky bar.

Suitable for dining alone or with a foody partner.

Drink sherry then some excellent spanish wine

Effect on Wallet Damaging


Stylish old London oyster bar. Impeccable.

Suitable for splashing out

Drink Champagne

Effect on Wallet Damaging

Bocca di Lupo

If I had favorites, this possibly would be it. Interesting Italian menu excellently done, wonderful wine list, beautiful restaurant and in the heart of colourful soho.

Suitable for a flashy night out or sophisticated lunch.

Drink wonderful Italian wines by the glass, carafe or bottle

Effect on wallet damaging

Honey and co

Middle Eastern food served lovingly in a cool cafe like atmosphere. Prepare to try something new.

Suitable for cool foodies

Drink home made cordials

Effect on wallet minor

Les Deux Salons

French brasserie with all the style.

Suitable for the theatre goer

Drink from their small and well formed wine list, a good selection of carafes are available.

Effect on Wallet bearable

Meat liquor

Very good burgers in a funky slightly scary atmosphere

Suitable for the young and happening

Drink american style liquor swamped cocktails or coke.

Effect on wallet minor


I have never not had fun here ( though frequently too much).  This venetian style “bacaro” serves small plates of food and nibbles to a chatty vibrant crowd

Suitable for you hungry fun loving foodies

Drink Campari laced cocktails  – try them all ….

Effect on wallet bearable


Excellent rustic french food served with one of my favourite drinks lists in london.

Suitable for eating alone at the bar or gorging out with a group in the restaurant.

Drink French

Effect on wallet bearable


Ever had the craving for specifically food from Tuscany? Come and get your Tuscany fix of cheese and cured meats here and wet your appetite with some excellent wine – from Tuscany of course

Suitable for those in need of Tuscany but have pteromerhanophobia.

Drink the wine of Tuscany

Effect on wallet bearable

The Wolseley

Back in the day when young ladies did the grand European tour before being married off this is the kind of place you would expect to see them dine with their dour guardians.  For todays world this restaurant now drips with glamour and provides a scrumptious old school menu.

Suitable for people watching

Drink tea or champagne

Effect on wallet surprisingly manageable

Yalla Yalla

Simple cafe with great Beirut style street food. Squeeze onto one of the small tables and start choose at least 4 mezze to nibble on

Suitable for sharing food

Drink There is an ok small wine list

Effect on Wallet minor to manageable


Grand, Parisian, Art Deco, great value, Hemingway, these words all spring to mind when I come here.  There is a casual cafe upstairs, a restaurant swarming with waiters downstairs with one of the best fixed price menus Ive seen, a jazz bar and a cocktail bar on site, all done in the best possible taste.

Suitable for ladies what lunch and theatre goers

Drink wine

Effect on wallet possibly minor though  easy to slip into bearable


Song Que

134 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DY, United Kingdom. +44 20 7613 3222

The best Vietnamese in London ? Possibly.  No frills in the dining room but an explosion of taste sensations leave the kitchen and arrive at your table.

Suitable for a lip smackingly delicious  Pho soup

Drink Asahi beer

Effect on wallet minor

Mangal Ocakbasi

Grilled meat never tasted so good than at this authentic Turkish low key restaurant especially when served with some of its fresh and palate cleansing salads .

Suitable for a casual colorful meal with friends

Drink BYO

Effect on wallet minor


Cornerstone restaurant of  the great London food scene, serving some Seriously tasty Spanish and Middle Eastern flavours.

Suitable for anyone who loves great food

Drink sherry then wine from there tempting Spanish wine list

Effect on wallet bearable/ damaging

Pizza  East

This is where the cool skinny jean /checkered shirt folk of Shoreditch get their pizza fix. Fun to hang around the bar area until your table is ready.

Suitable for those that are trendy, or think they are

Drink a little cocktail at the bar and then….

Effect on wallet bearable

Beigel Bake

159 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB, United Kingdom

You could come here during the day but the perfect beigels stuffed with salt beef, gherkins and mustard taste so much better in the small hours after a night on the dance floor.  An east end institution

Suitable for Late night munchies

Drink  – you are likely to have had enough by this stage.

Effect on wallet minor


Probably wise to stay away from brick Lane curry houses and head straight to this Punjab restaurant just off the Brick lane. The special marinaded lamb chops on a Thursday night are so good.

Suitable for digging in

Drink lassi or BYO booze

Effect on wallet minor

St John

Unafraid to serve anything from an animal including the nose or tail, this restaurant constantly delivers outstanding British food, well sourced and expertly cooked.  The Smithfield restaurant has an excellent bar area serving great ales and other drinks.

Suitable for the intrepid explorer

Drink from the excellent wine list

Effect on wallet bearable/ damaging


My favorite place to tuck into juicy steaks, golden chips and creamy sides.

Suitable for romantic steak dinners

Drink big fat reds

Effect on wallet damaging


Borough Market

No matter what I say about Borough market (good or bad) curiosity will get the better of any foody visiting London and want to check out the Thursday/Friday/ Saturday market. Crammed with stalls serving food from across the globe ready to eat in and amongst the bustling crowds it can be fun if you can take the pace.

Suitable for the brave

Drink anything from a perfectly made coffee to body shocking wheatgerm juice.

Effect on wallet relatively minor

Casse Croute

Oozing charm from every door ( actually there is only one is the tiny joint) it is hard not to love this french bistro.  From the sexy french staff to the butter and cream rich menu its easy to lap it all up and have an immensely enjoyable time.

Suitable for romance… in a confined space

Drink coups of fizz

Effect on wallet bearable

Franca Manca

2012/ 2013 saw Brixton market become the place to be for up and coming chefs and restauranteur s.  Franca manca was so there first with its incredible organic sourdough pizzas.

Suitable for those who appreciate excellent pizza

Drink home made lemonade

Effect on wallet minor


With more restaurants than you can shake a stick at on Bermondsey street , Zucca would be a great choice for any Italian loving diner.  Simple but classy, the interiors and menu reflect the well thought through and executed ambition of the owners.

Suitable for a business lunch or sunday lunch with the family

Drink from the regional Italian wine list

Effect on wallet damaging



Dock Kitchen

Showcasing the inspiration from the chef/owners global adventures, the dock kitchen is a stylish  place to enjoy dishes that even the most well versed gastronome might need to ask translations for.

Suitable for those that love to eat “out of the box”

Drink ask for help depending on what you choose to eat…

Effect on wallet Bearable when choosing from the excellent set menus /damaging when ordering off piste.

La Fromagererie

If you can control the need to sample and buy every cheese in the cool room come and have a lunch at this superb cafe in the tasteful Marylebone district. Cheese, charcuterie, and cold dishes are on offer and are all delicious and make a welcome break from the shops.

Suitable for a gossip

Drink really good wine

Effect on wallet minor/ bearable


The road to mandalay is long but worth it ( when walking from the tube). Although Burma is now more accessible than ever its still easier to get a taste of the country from this traditional restaurant  serving tasty delights from the now officially called Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Suitable for something different

Drink not from the wine list, you come here for the food.

Effect on wallet minor

For Drinks and Cocktails



Almost nothing cheers me up more than a dry martini at this beautiful discreet bar.

the whistling shop

Step back to the Victorian era  to sample their unusual lab concocted cocktails.


When the sun is setting over London and the light comes streaming in the glass windows all worries are washed away with one of Roasts excellent cocktails.


If you make it past the bouncers and down the steps in your 4 inch heels you deserve at least two of their perfect exotic cocktails.

Gordons wine bar

Easy to miss this cave of iniquity with its unassuming door, follow the stairs down and join the “in the know” with a glass or two of sherry before you hit one of their excellent bottles or something from the barrels.




Located in Grenwhich this wonderful butchers has a huge loyal following of customers all thanks to the excellent service and products.

Ginger pig

There are around 6 of these butchers in London and each of them serves top notch meat that  you will be proud to cook and serve at your table.

C. Lidgate

Now in its 5th generation Lidgates is THE quality butcher of London. Based in Holland park it stocks a great range of meat as well as award winning pies.

William rose

Located in East Dulwich the queues that form outside the shop, especially at the weekend lay testament to the quality of meat sold at this traditional butcher.

Cheese shops

The Cheese Board

Based in Greenwich you could happily while away a morning in here trying to choose your perfect cheese board, luckily the well trained staff are always on hand to help.

La fromagerie

Incredible cheese shop that I cannot recommend highly enough. With the added bonus of an amazing shop adjoining it selling deli products, fruit, vegetables and more…based in Marylebon.

Neal’s Yard

Championing the best of cheeses from the British Isles come and get your Wensleydale fix here. A must visit shop for every foody.


If you are really keen this is where London’s best fish arrives in to be sold and can be a fun morning ( very early) to see the traders at work or buy the best fish at a reasonable price. http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/business/wholesale-food-markets/billingsgate/Pages/default.aspx or if early mornings are a problem you can try…


There are a few branches of this fish shop, ( Clapham South, South Kensigton, East Dulwich and Islington) all of which serve an impressive iced counter of really fresh fish.

The fishmonger

These guys seriously know there stuff and sell a superb range of the freshest of fish from their Grenwhich shop.

 Food halls

There are some impressive food halls in the department stores like Harrods and  Fortnum and Masons but Selfridges has long been my favorite for its enticing lay out and excellent range of produce. http://www.selfridges.com/en/Food-Wine/


Borough Market http://boroughmarket.org.uk is the obvious choice to visit and even if I tell you its over crowded and often over priced you will probably still want to go as, myself included, it is hard not to to be drawn towards the bright lights of this London institution.   There are many small weekly farmers markets where the discerning local will pick up their organic vegetables and free range meat all listed at http://www.lfm.org.uk/markets-home/ ,   the  South kensington Saturday market on Bute st is a particular favourite.

Middle Eastern


Just run out of edible rose petals or used your last drop of carob syrup? This magical shop should be able to help with a mesmerizing selection of delights from the middle east including foods, drinks, utensils, crockery and books.

Wine and other drinks



With a shop in Soho this is where to come to restock your cocktail cabinet or find another of that slightly strange but delicious liqueur you discovered in that obscure town on holiday.

Obviously not much is grown or produced in the city but London is a great place to try the best produce from all over Britain as lots of the finest ingredients are sold in the shops, restaurants and markets.  London also has the advantage of being very culturally diverse and so it is possible to buy and eat some of the worlds finest imports here.  Please see the where to shop and eat sections for ideas on what to try.  

At the Chapel

Stylish restaurant that serves a small but extremely well done menu featuring excellent British produce.  Choose from their perfect pizza menu or something from the interesting specials. My favorite UK restaurant (outside London).

Suitable for lunch with friends and the kids or dinner with adults

Drink from the good wine list

Effect on wallet bearable


Cheddar  – originating in Somerset from the village of Cheddar this cheese has admirers all around the world and is Britons most popular.


Cider, a refreshing alcoholic drink that is made particularly well around here with apples.

no information at present


Farm Shop

Stourhead Farm shop

Located on the beautiful National Trust Stourhead estate ( the landscaped garden is a must visit) this farm-shop sells really local tasty produce including meat, cheese and vegetables.

Fish Farm

Mere Trout Farm

Superb smoked and fresh trout is available at this farm , although the shop is not much to look at remember you really come here for the delicious fish. Also available at local farmers markets see their website.

Green grocers

Sprout and Flower

If you were trying to imagine what you would want your local green grocers to be like sprout and flower should pretty much tick all the boxes. Good value, good service, beautifully displayed produce and lots of local seasonal stuff.


Yapp Brothers

Set in a charming courtyard in Mere Yapp Brothers find and sell really interesting wines mainly from France. With a great on line service if you can’t drop by to taste their latest bottles you can always get them to deliver.


Pigs have been farmed in Wiltshire since Saxon times and so chances are pretty high of eating some excellent pork products including bacon and wiltshire cured ham.

Lardy Cake  – originally made with pork lard, this sweet, sticky, spiced loaf is perfect with your afternoon cup of tea

no information at present

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