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(Donnybrook, Dublin, Monkstown, Ranelagh)

Irelands food scene is now well worth some positive attention.  The Celtic Tiger years have long gone with its misleading attitude of “if it was expensive it must be good”.  Now savvy Irish restauranteurs stay on trend with other major cities and their patrons are more discerning and clued up than ever.

The country grows and produces a wonderful mixed pot of food gems .  It is renowned for its flavorful beef, excellent shellfish like oysters and Dublin bay prawns, countryside cheeses, rustic loaves, smooth whiskey, and of course Guinness.

There is a thriving restaurant, cafe and bar scene in the capital Dublin and along with its charming architecture, museums, art galleries and people it makes for an entertaining and tasty place to visit.


O’connels in Donnybrook

Neighbourhood gastropub championing some excellent Irish produce.

Suitable for dining with friends and family.

Drink what you want

Effect on wallet bearable


Rock Lobster

I rarely think lobster is worth its price tag, which is partly why I like this place. Well priced and serving these pink crustaceans with chips and garlic butter for under £20, it makes for a lip smackingly satisfying meal (sadly the bargain lobsters are not local).

Suitable for donning a bib and getting stuck into your dinner

Drink what you want

Effect on wallet bearable


Dunnes of Donnybrook

53 Mainstreet, Donnybrook, Dublin.  353 (0) 1 2839679

Classy village butcher with excellent old school service


Roy Foxes

49a Main St, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. 353 (0)1 2692892

Great selection of fruit, vegetables and healthfoods



Most things you could want in the health department

See Dublin section on what to try.



Many Dublin restaurants offer great deals with their early bird menus which are usually served from 5:30pm – 6:30pm. Although it may seem early to eat dinner it can be a great way to try out restaurants for a bargain price.

Best Coffees in Town


Located in Dublin s business district this is where the suits pick up there well needed caffeine fix.

Brother Hubbard

Where the cool and in the know pick up their perfectly brewed coffee just north of the river

The Fumbally

Easy going cafe that invites you to hide in one of the cosy corners and enjoy their excellent brews.

 Clement and Pekoe

This is the place to get your caffeine fix when in the centre of town. Also an eye popping selection of teas to have brewed perfectly there or to take away and make at home.

 Twisted Pepper

Address: 54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1, Ireland

+353 86 325 2471

Rumour has it this is where the coffee revolution in Dublin began care of Colin Harmon (owner of 3FE).  Nestled into an edgy neighbourhood I think the coffee makes it worth the adventure.



Brother Hubbard

Brilliant cafe serving something different than the average salad/sandwich lunch, think middle Eastern twists and scrumptious cakes.


Hatch and sons

Lovingly created charming Irish cafe on st Stephens Green, useful stop when shopping or sightseeing.


The Fumbally


The relaxed atmosphere and cool vibe adds to the enjoyment of excellent meals and cakes they serve in this laid back  big open space.




A trip to Dublin would not be complete with a peep inside this store selling Irish weaves and other trinkets.  The cafe upstairs is always a safe bet and provides a good family choice of salads and hot meals, it gets really busy so be prepared to wait especially at weekends.

Suitable for family feasting time

Drink Pots of tea

Effect on Wallet  Minor



Text book fish and chips served with cocktails.

Suitable for classy fish and chips.

Drink Cocktails

Effect on Wallet Bearable



Addictive deep fried chicken. Order, eat and cluck off seems to be the done thing.

Suitable for a noisy bite

Drink home made cordials/beer/ tumblers of wine.

Effect on Wallet  Minor


So good having finished lunch I booked myself into dinner the next day.  This small well run restaurant produces some perfectly cooked food of Italian influence.  If the lard on toast is on offer jump at the chance and you won’t want to miss the desserts.

Suitable for food lovers happy to choose from a small menu

Drink perhaps their only weak point the wine  list is expensive in comparison to the food. There are a few rough and ready carafes and wines by the glass that you would pay  a few euros for if in Italy but come at a greater price here.

Effect on wallet Damaging although they do a better value set lunch



Juniors pizza

Here are some of the best pizzas I have ever had all served by the young, quirky and cool of Dublin.  There is a bar upstairs that serves night starting cocktails ( bar opening hours vary, check with restaurant).

Suitable for the funky

Drink when open, get yourself crowded around the cocktail bar. Move onto the good small wine list or choice selection of beers.

Effect on Wallet Bearable


L ‘Gueleton

This restaurant ticks all the boxes for food, wine, service and atmosphere.  I return again and again for its classic French cooking and buzzy dining room.

Suitable for lunch or dinner when in the centre of town, good for tables of 1,2 or  more.

Drink from the good wine list

Effect on Wallet Bearable


The green Hen

Old school Parisian looking bistro.  The food is always very good and makes the most of Irelands fine produce.

Suitable for First/second/third/forth dates.

Drink  from the good wine list

Effect on Wallet Bearable


Camden Kitchen

Championing Irish produce in a compact dining room this is worth a visit. Often interesting choices on the menu.

Suitable for hearty men and women

Drink anything goes

Effect on Wallet Bearable



Once you have found the subtly signed mexican restaurant behind the black painted front enter for mind deleting margaritas. Skip the main courses and just go for the light bites – tortillas/tostadas ect.

Suitable for getting legless

Drink  lots of tequila

Effect on Wallet Bearable ( unless you keep the Margaritas coming)


Copinger row

Charming small restaurant serving unfussy mainly Mediterranean  food.  I return here again and again.

Suitable for Rainy lunchtimes or a thriving weekend night.

Drink cocktails and wine

Effect on Wallet Bearable

The Pigs Ear

Be well fed with wonderful Irish produce in this sedate setting overlooking trinity college.

Suitable for  taking your parents or having a quiet meal for two.

Drink anything goes

Effect on Wallet Bearable



Where to drink


Fallow and byrne

Follow the stairs down for an excellently stocked wine bar that is a great place to go whether it is busy or not ( although its generally heaving).



If you want a pint of Guinness this pub ticks all the boxes with its wooden panels, nooks and crannies and Traditional Irish musicians playing in the corner,

Peruke &Perwig

Made to look like a victorian style bar/pub with a grannies collection of carpets, paintings and lamps up stairs this is a fun place to go for a  drink.  The bar men are seriously clued up and make a perfect classic or one of they own theatrical concoctions.



If you find this place you will enjoy superbly made cocktails in an what feels like a throwback from prohibition.  Intoxicatingly fun.


Hansel and Gretal

 20 Clare Street, Dublin 2

Excellent bakery in a charming little shop



Excellent selection of cheeses including lots of the Irish classics


Cocoa Atelier

30 Drury Street, Dublin 2

Chocolates and Macaroons to treat a friend or yourself !


Fallon and byrne

excellent selection of fruit vegetables/cheese/deli/butchers

 Asia Market

Walk through the doors then out the back to find yourself in another world, here you will find everything for an oriental feast.




Supermarkets in Ireland

There are various supermarkets in Ireland to do the general shop

Superquinn is Irish run and provides a good standard of produce.

Tesco and Marks and Spencer are  other popular choices.

Dunnes – Irish based supermarket with basic products



When eating out look for and choose the excellent Irish beef, lamb or pork options.

Oysters, dublin bay prawns and crabs are usually fresh, local and fantastic.

Irish soda bread is a must at breakfast and can be often found as part of the full Irish morning fry up.



A pint of Guinness is a must. It really does taste better on the Emerald Isle.

The Irish distil there whisky at least 3 times and so often results in a very smooth tipple that is worth a try.





Salt Cafe

Part of the Avoca brand this cafe/ restaurant always performs and makes for a very pleasant eating experience.

Suitable for a catch with friends and family

Drink Tea

Effect on Wallet Minor or Bearable depending on choice


Seapoint Restarurant

Simple restaurant staples done well, especially the burger and fish options. You can always walk off excessive dining habits with an afternoon stroll along the nearby beach.

Suitable for a non challaging but delicious dining experiance

Drink what you fancy

Effect on wallet bearable


James Whelan

Excellent butchers with its own farms ( located in Avoca)




Has a very good selection of cheese,fruit and vegetables, and dry goods


Georges Fish Shop

4 Monkstown Ct, Monkstown Farm, Dublin. +353 (01) 2303011

Excellent fish shop with a great selection of fresh fish and shellfish many of which from local waters


See what to try in Dublin section.


Ranelagh is a thriving village community that is always a buzz.


The Butchers Grill

Come here for the grown up juicy steak, cocktails and delicious puddings.

Suitable for adult carnivores

Drink big reds

Effect on Wallet damaging

no information at present

See what to try in Dublin section.

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