Over the years I have been sending family and friends recipes scrawled on postcards from where ever I may be… this website is a journal of these culinary adventures and a collection of the markets, shops and restaurants I have loved.


I work as a private chef for families and individuals across the world. My jobs vary greatly and can be anything from one off dinner parties to spending a couple of months or years cooking for clients. The jobs can take me to chilly rural Scotland to roast haunches of venison and bake game pies or I can be jetting off to the sunny Bahamas and grilling lobsters on charcoal pits and cracking open coconuts.

I grew up in rural Dorset with my parents, grandparents and sister, we grew our own vegetables and fruits, reared our own meat and even had a go at wine making. At 14 I took a Saturday job in a local cafe, it was madly busy, hot and thrilling. I was instantly hooked by the idea of being part of the restaurant world. By 19 the lure of London’s energetic and diverse food scene had gripped my attention, so I moved to the city to learn more, work and of course, eat.

During my 8 years there I worked at Lidgate Butchers, the River Café, and Moro before moving on to set up a cafe for Mudchute Park and Farm near Canary Wharf.  After a good few years of hard slog and fun I decided to focus my attentions on becoming a private chef, excited by the prospect of cooking in different locations and seeking out amazing local produce.

Whilst traveling and working as a private chef I have been sending postcards   home to family and friends with recipes that I have cooked or local treats I have sampled and want to share. Philippa Davis ,Postcard recipes is a journal of these adventures that I hope you enjoy.

Philippa x

p.s  In the interest of client confidentiality names and exact locations will not be used.

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